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How to clean install Windows 10 from USB

Before installing Windows 10, we recommend upgrading your Windows 10 pro product key from any Windows 10. As the upgrade will also act as the new Clean Install Windows 10 from USB. In addition, the upgrade will also save your data and move data from one window to another.
The first thing you need to download is Windows 10 later, then, create bootable USB from ISO for Windows 10. Once you have created the bootable USB, make sure you have at least 16 GB of space on your hard drive. Recommended 16Gb space to clean install Windows 10 from USB. If you are not satisfied with your hard disk partition, you can create a new partition in Windows 10 using disk management.
Now move step by step after creating bootable USB to erase Install Windows 10 from USB:
Step 1 Create bootable USB to install Windows 10 from USB
Again, you have to create bootable USB because if you install Windows 10 from a CD or DVD, you do not need to boot the CD or DVD. USB booting with port 3.0 will easily install Windows 10 from USB. There are many methods to boot USB but we recommend you read our article to boot can not go wrong.
Step 2 Attach the USB and restart your PC
This time, you need to reboot your laptop or PC. According to my laptop, I'm using HP, so when my laptop restarts, I press ESC and then press F9 to select the boot device.
Select the USB storage device to install Windows 10 from USB and set it as the first device for the option. On the other hand, if you install Windows 10 from a DVD, you do not need to select USB storage devices.
Step 3 Start installing Windows 10 from USB on your new PC
Let's start installing Windows 10 product key, now you can install windows 10 from USB on a new and old computer as well. The installation steps are very simple, but follow our instructions on installing Windows 10 from USB. because you made no mistake.
After rebooting, your computer will display this screen. Select the language and click Next.
Once you have selected the language, we strongly recommend that you select the English language. After clicking Next, this screen will appear.
Here click on "Install Now", Windows 10 will install from USB and then on all the settings you have to follow you.
Step 4 Activate your Windows 10 freely
After this, we recommend you follow our article to activate your Windows 10 freely. Activate Windows 10 is important. Activation can speed up Windows 10.
Here you'll enter your key:
If your Windows 10 is new and you have never installed Windows 10 from the USB on this PC, enter your Windows 10 key here.
During this time, you can also enter your previous Windows 7, 8 key.
Select "I do not have product key", if you do not have, Windows 10 will automatically register your Windows.
Step 5 Install Windows Custom 10 (Advanced)
At this step, what type of installation do you want? You can click on Custom because your Windows 10 will clean Install Windows 10 from USB with advanced options. All files, settings, and applications will be removed from selecting this option. Moreover, you also back up your files and folders in Windows 10 later.

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Windows 10 Product Key Activation-Find Product Key Windows

So, here we are having a great article, we will discuss new methods how can we find windows 10 product key. We have provided you with our latest Windows 10 work lock, so you do not have to buy genuine Windows 10. What's the topic today: Windows 10 Product Key Activation -Search Windows 10 Product Key
Activate Windows product key 10:
We will activate our Windows 10, Here we will share step by step to install windows 10
First, install Windows 10 by USB or DVD.
Or Download ISO File and Install Windows 10.
Restart the PC and boot the USB
Install Windows 10
Now we're at Step to set the product key
Windows 10 Product Key Activation-Find Product Key Windows
Listen to the Guys, Lock This Product We are sharing with you the best thing that will ever happen in your life.
This is the key: 8DVY4-NV2MW-3CGTG-XCBDB-2PQFM
Windows 10 Product Key Activation-Find Windows 10 Product Key:
What we have done so far is to download Windows 1o and use the product key. So we have to activate our product using the product key. So the question is how to find Windows 10 Product Key Activation - Find Windows 10 Product Key.
Buy Windows 10 (Activating Windows Product Key 10 - Finding Windows Product Key 10)
Advantages of buying Windows 10:
Better security
Work is not risky
Personal access
Access to all Online Products
Use anywhere without the need
Personal work area
So if you have decided to buy windows 10 here are the steps to follow:
Visit the official Microsoft website, Click Here.
You can also click Add to Cart, just in case if you want to purchase a Windows 10 product key later. If not,
Click download Product Key from this link.
You must now insert payment options and insert payment details to purchase this offer
Still here, find the exact Key for you Windows Version 10 (Windows 10 Product Key Activation):
Windows 10 Home Edition (Windows 10 Product Key Activation):
Windows 10 Single Language Lock
Windows 10 Education
Windows Serial Pro Pro Key
Locks for all kinds of plugins (Windows 10 product key-finder for Windows 10 product key):
While the Windows 10 Product Key Activation -Search for Windows 10 Product Key, we have found some other keys that may be useful for you.
Home Edition - YTMG3-N6DKC-DKB77-7M9GH-8HVX7
Single language switch - BT79Q-G7N6G-PGBYW-4YWX6-6F4BT
Serial Key Lock Pro - VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T
2016 Business Product Key
Windows 10 Serial Key (Windows 10 Product Key Activation - Find Windows 10 Product Key):
Serial Key:
Windows 10 Professional OS version:
Product Key Windows 10 all versions:
Enterprise edition of Windows 10:
Key Benefits of Windows 10 Product Activation:
Full access to Thems
Updated Windows
Latest updates
Speed ​​up Windows 10
Error free use
Windows 10 Home Product Key
Error occurs when Windows 10 is not activated:
Unable to restart Windows
Problem updating Windows 10
Upgrade from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10
Speeding Up Windows 10 (Speed ​​Up)
Battery Windows 10 (Increase life)
Windows 10 Product Key Activation-Find Windows 10 Product Key:
If you do not want to use the product key or buy it directly. What we propose is to use Windows 10 Trigger:
Link to Article to better understand:
How to activate windows 10 Use product key (Windows 10 Trial)
Steps to follow:
Download the Microsoft Toolkit from here.
Open the downloaded file.
Select the symbol office
 Click to activate Windows 10 without the product key.
Select 'EZ-Activator' after a few seconds; Windows 10 works without using Windows Product Key 10 Pro.

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Windows 7 Product Key for Windows 32/64 bit

Windows 7 Product Key: Windows 7 is the most widely used window version. This has many new and advanced features compared to its windows vista processors. In order to run your windows you have to have an original windows from Microsoft, buying it will ensure that you are enjoying all the best features without being distracted. We have shared the final Windows 7 key, windows 7 professional serial key, windows 7 home basic product key, windows 7 starter product key.
To run windows 7, we need a Windows 7 lock. Lock window is the 25 character code that is used to activate the window on your computer. It looks like: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. This activation helps verify that your copy was not used on more computers than the Microsoft Software License Terms permit. Even if you have genuine windows, but you do not have windows 7 product lock, you will not be able to run windows 7 on your computer. So, Windows 7 serial key is a very important part of windows and you have to get it to get going. We also shared the product key list window 8.
Windows 7 Product Key (32/64 bit)
Activation of Windows 7 comes with the purchase of genuine windows. If you buy it from a store, you will get it from a store. If your computer is preloaded with windows 7, there will be a chance that windows 7 main label sticker is behind your device. You may be free.
Get a free Windows 10 Product Key! Only for our members.
Sometimes if you want to reinstall your windows 7, then surely you will need a windows 7 product key to run it. And if you can not find hard copies of windows 7 and more importantly there are a few tricks that you can use to get your windows 7 activation key as normal it is stored. in Windows Registry. With the help of small software, you can always get it. Do not forget to check out the windows 8.1 product key list.
We hope from the above article you get an insight into what is windows 7 product key; This is the most important tool for you to enable Windows 7 on your PC. There are several 7-lane windows also available online that can be used for the trial version of windows 7, but because Windows 7 is now commercially available by Microsoft, those keys will not work properly and you Have to buy your genuine windows to your windows 7 operation. With genuine windows, you will always get rich support from Microsoft to run your product and they will ensure that you are not experiencing any issues related to Windows 7 or any incidents. any other running.

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Microsoft releases IE 11 preview for Windows 7

Microsoft has given programmers and users download a preview version of the Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) web browser running on Windows 7.
In addition to running on Windows 7 professional product key, the IE 11 has just been downloaded Microsoft is also available on Windows Server 2008 R2.
According to Neowin yesterday, because it is a trial version, it will not run smoothly with the IE 11 version built into Windows 8.1 product key.
Some highlights of IE 11 include improved web browsing interface, increased battery life (when used on laptops), improved web browsing speed and better WebGL support.
It is known that IE 11 is the latest browser available in Windows 8.1. Therefore, information IE 11 will be running on Windows 7 version is very much interested users.
Currently, users can visit the Microsoft office 2010 product key home page to download the preview version of IE 11 running on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 on the machine.

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Unlocks Windows 7, Microsoft releases patch for Windows 10

Microsoft is putting Windows 7 users at the risk of hackers attacking, launching only patches of priority for Windows 10.
According to Neowin, the findings from researcher Mateusz Jurczyk from Google's Project Zero, the team found a number of flawed vulnerabilities in Microsoft's operating system. Jurczyk said that Microsoft released the patch for Windows 10 product key instead of Windows 7, despite the fact that the two operating systems used the same code.
This has raised concerns that Microsoft has paved the way for attackers to target older operating systems. Because of this, hackers can analyze the new code contained in the patch for Windows 10 and then apply reverse engineering to find the vulnerability that Microsoft has overcome. They can then use this knowledge to attack older versions of the operating system that do not receive the patch.
According to the latest statistics, Windows 7 professional product key users still account for a large proportion of Windows PCs in the world, up to 43.99% market share. With the use of a code similar to Windows 10, millions of Windows 7 users are facing the risk of hackers attacking in the right direction.
For Microsoft's policy of giving priority to Windows 10 in fixing security vulnerabilities, Jurczyk said it was actually a mistake. Remarkably, Microsoft's actions could also put the user facing other vulnerabilities, such as CVE-2017-8680, CVE-2017-8684 and CVE-2017-8685, which affect only Windows 7 product key and 8.1 but not on Windows 10. Fortunately, Microsoft patched these vulnerabilities after receiving warnings from Project Zero.
Jurczyk warns that finding such holes by reverse engineering will be a simple process that does not require much knowledge of Windows.

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How to find a Microsoft Windows product key

Essentially, all Microsoft programs require a product key as part of the installation process, including all Microsoft Windows operating systems.
All Windows versions keep copies of the product keys used to install them in the Windows Registry, but newer versions also encrypt them, meaning that they are related to both the location and the solution. code them.
Fortunately, the program called Product Key Finder can do all this for you automatically and often in just a few seconds. Once you have a valid product key, you will be able to reinstall Windows legally and be able to successfully activate it later.
Because Microsoft changed the way it encrypts and stores the product key from one version of Windows to the next, there are programs and methods of preference depending on the version of Windows you have.
Find your version of Windows below, follow the instructions for how to make the link, and you will not have your valid Windows product key for a short time. See what version of Windows I have? If you are not sure what to choose.
Tip: If something about using the Windows product key is confusing to you or you're not sure whether you need to find a product key to reinstall Windows, see the FAQ for more information. My Windows product for help.
Windows 8 and 8.1
If you have lost your Windows 8 product key but it is still installed or at least on some kind of a working computer, it is quite easy to decrypt with the appropriate software.
Although a lot of major search programs advertise that they can find and decrypt your Windows 8 product key, I find that many of them simply do not do it correctly, creating Windows 8 product key is not accurate.
I tested Belarc Advisor, the free program I suggested in my guide and knew that it would give you the exact Windows 8 lock to your installation.
Windows 7
Looking for a Windows 7 product key? Like most other product keys, it's still around if Windows 7 is still installed, but is encrypted.
Most major search programs work fine with Windows 7, but I prefer LicenseCrawler for a variety of reasons.
The guide to how I linked above for Windows 7 works well with all versions of Windows 7, including Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium and more.
Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are supported equally. This happens for most versions of Windows and the major search engines support them, Windows 7 or other versions.

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Interface Windows 7

Gaia Skin Pack gives your Windows a rather weird look, with a blend of Metro Windows 8 product key style and Windows 7 professional product key own Aero interface. Plus, you'll love this interface after installing it.
Before installing, we recommend that you create a System Restore Point in case of system crash when unpacking the interface. To create a restore point, follow the steps in this article. In case after removing the interface set but Windows 7 does not restore the original default interface, you re-install the interface and restart the uninstall process to restore the interface.
After downloading the interface package that fits your system, double-click on the .exe file to start the installation.
+ At the first Welcome screen, click Next to continue
+ You check the box to accept the terms, then click Next to continue.
At the next installation screen, uncheck the TTPlayer installation option to avoid installing unneeded applications.
+ Next, you will be selected components that will install into your system like: Patch UXTheme, DLL files, background image, sound ... Please select carefully to avoid errors that may occur in the process of using. . Once you have identified and selected the components installed on your system, click Install to begin the installation process.
+ The installation process will start, after the installation is complete, please restart the computer.